3 Things To Know About Getting Fast Cash From A Pawnshop

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Pawnshops are famous for being a place where can get a little quick cash. Before you head down to your pawnshop for some quick cash, you need to make sure you understand how the pawnshop loan process works.

Pawnshops Are Regulated Businesses

Many people wrongly assume that pawnshops are seedy places; that is just a misconception that is perpetuated in movies and television shows. Pawnshops are licensed businesses that must carry a state business license and follow multiple federal status and regulations.

Pawnshops are well-run, respected businesses. They are not seedy places that are trying to scam you; pawnshops work hard to earn their customers' business and respect while following all the state and federal rules they have to obey in order to operate.

Pawnshops Offer Collateral-Based Loans

What makes a pawnshop different than working with a bank or with a payday lender is that instead of offering you a loan based on your credit score or based on how much money you make each week, the money they offer you is rooted in a collateral-based system.

With a collateral-based system, you are bringing in something you own, and the pawnshop is giving you money based on the value of the item you bring in. The amount of money they offer you will never be full market value for the item; they will generally offer partial market value on the item. In turn, you have a set period of time to pay off the loan. If you don't pay off the loan, the item will be sold by the pawnshop. If you pay off the loan, you get your item back.

Pawnshops Offer Reasonable Payment Terms

Pawnshops are generally willing to work with you on payment terms within the rules and regulations they have to follow. They have to give you a set number of days to pay back the loan based on federal guidelines. However, they may be able to give you an extension on your loan as well. The key to getting an extension is to make regular payments and to communicate with the pawnshop on a regular basis.

When it comes to securing money quickly, pawnshops are a great place to turn because you can get a loan based on the value of an item you own instead of one that is based on your credit score or income. Keep in mind that if you pay off the loan, you will get the item back. You only have to forfeit the item to the pawnshop if you don't pay off the loan within the loan terms.

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