Loved One In Jail: How A Bail Bond Agency Can Help

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If your loved one has gotten arrested, the first thing you need to do is find a bail bond agent. If you've decided to go without a bail bond agent, you need to rethink that decision. You might think it will be easier to work without a bail bond agent, but that's not the case. If you've never had to deal with bail issues before, read the list provided below. You'll find three reasons to work with a bail bond agency. 

Maintain Privacy

When someone you love has gotten arrested, you want to safeguard their privacy. That's where a bail bond agency comes into the picture. Your loved one might worry that you'll be seen going into the bail bond office. But, when you handle your loved one's bail without a bond agency, you need to go to the courthouse. While you're there, you'll give them your personal information, as well as your banking information. That won't happen when you work with a bail bond agency. You can arrange to meet in a more private setting. That way, you and your loved one's privacy will be protected. 

Improve Bail Process

If your loved one wants you to handle the bail bond on your own, you need to think about the process. It might seem like the bail bond process would be easy, but that's not the case. In fact, the bail bond process can be time-consuming and confusing. That's why you need to work with a bail bond agency. Your bail bond agent will take care of everything for you. 


If your loved one has been arrested, you might not know where they're being held. If that's the case, a bail bond agency will find out for you. 


If you don't know what your loved one has been charged with, talk to a bail bond agent. They can talk to the arresting agency to find out what charges your loved one is being held on. 

Bail Limit

If your loved one has been arrested, you might wait several days to find out how much the bail will be. A bail bond agency will have access to that information before you do. That means you can get your loved one out of jail sooner. 

Ensure Communication

If your loved one is in police custody, their phone calls will be restricted. In fact, they might not be able to make phone calls until they get out of custody. One of the benefits of hiring a bail bond agent is that those phone calls aren't restricted. That means your loved one can advocate for themselves while they're still in police custody. 

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